Germanic Languages | Middle High German
G640 | 2817 | Prof. Stephen Wailes

Study of the literary language of the cultural florescence around
1200, with particular attention to semantics and syntax. Introduction
to major cultural features of the period such as feudalism and
chivalry; reading of the Nibelungenlied, consideration of its
backgrounds in history and legend and of its position in the literary
life of the German courts. In the latter weeks of the semester, our
reading will broaden into other works and genres to achieve a first
familiarity with court lyric, romance, and didactic writing. The
course grade will be based on active participation in class, two hour
tests, and a final examination.

Weddige, Hilkert. Mittelhochdeutsch. Eine Einführung. Beck. ISBN

Das Nibelungenlied. Bartsch, de Boor, Wisniewski, Eds. H. Albert. ISBN

Course reader.

Weddige, Hilkert. Einführung in die germanistische Mediävistik.  3.
durchges. u. erg. Aufl. 1997. Beck. ISBN: 3-406-36749-6.