Spanish & Portuguese | Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World I
P400 | 4081 | Karpa-wilson

P400: Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World I  (3 credits)

P400 is the first semester of a two-semester introduction to the literatures
of the Portuguese-speaking world. In the first semester we will focus on the
literatures of Portugal and Brazil, from the 12th to the 19th century. The
purpose of the course is not to present an exhaustive chronological survey,
but to introduce students to some of the major texts and themes of
Luso-Brazilian literature through the careful reading of representative
poetic, narrative and dramatic works. Texts and themes we will consider
include: love, satire and the grotesque in medieval Galician-Portuguese
poetry, farce and social commentary in the 16th-century theater of Gil
Vicente, visions of Portuguese grandeur and decadence in Luís de
Camões epic poetry, travel narrative and the chronicles of discovery
(selections), the rhetoric of excess in Padre Antônio Vieira's Baroque
sermons, and the use and abuse of history in Romantic theater and poetry.


All students will be required to take a midterm and a final exam. They will
also write a paper on a topic to be discussed with the instructor
(undergraduates: 8-10 pages; graduate students: 15 pages).

NOTE: P400 is offered jointly with P500.

P400    #4081    2:30P-3:45P    TR    BH315   Prof. Sabrina Karpa-Wilson