Spanish & Portuguese | Theater, Performance and Society in Brazil
P695 | 4085 | Karpa-wilson

Professor Sabrina Karpa-Wilson
TR 1:00 - 2:15 pm/section #4085/3cr./Ballantine Hall 011

A historical look at theater in Brazil, from the Jesuit priest
José de Anchieta's colonial religious/pedagogical plays to late
twentieth-century alternative theater. Special attention will be given
to social contextualization, as well as to questions of theater as
text vs. theater as performance. What does it mean to read theater?
Should we approach it differently than other literary genres? What are
the relations between theater and other literary practices in Brazil?
Theoretical readings will
be assigned alongside the reading of primary texts.


An oral presentation, a short paper (5 pages) and a final paper (15-20