Spanish & Portuguese | The Craft of Translation
S423 | 4267 | Sobrer

S423  The Craft of Translation   (3 credits)
P:  S332, S312, or consent of the instructor
	Using literary texts, the students will learn about the practice of
translation, both from contemporary English into Spanish and from the
Spanish of different periods into English. We will think not only about
vocabulary and dictionary use, but mainly about syntax -sentence
construction-, idiom, register, style, and the "law of compensation." For
the first two thirds of the course we will work at short translations. For
the third part of the semester we will consider some theoretical texts and
issues while each student works on a longer project that will become the
final presentation.
	This is a studio course. Students must be working on their own and
using the professor as a resource and guide. The short translations will be
discussed in class and presented the day of the following meeting. The grade
will be determined by the grades given to the short exercises of the first
part of the semester and by the final project which should result in a
literary translation of publishable quality. There will be no exams or
theory to memorize; your practice is all that counts.

S423   #4267   9:05A-9:55A   MWF   BH134   Prof. Josep Sobrer