Spanish & Portuguese | Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
S426 | 4268 | Geeslin

S426 Introduction to Spanish Linguistics (3 credits)
P: S310 or S311 or equivalent; recommended: S425 or P425 or general
phonetics course.

This course provides an introduction to Spanish linguistics and
establishes the basis for future application of linguistic principles.  The
content included is an overview of basic linguistic properties with a focus
on Spanish.  The course begins with an exploration of the sound system of
Spanish and its theoretical representation.  Building on this, the
discussion continues with topics in Spanish morphology such as word
formation and verbal inflection.  Finally, issues in syntax and semantics
are analyzed both in isolation and in terms of their relationship to each
The goal of this course is to provide students with a level of
knowledge that enables them to make connections between the structure of
Spanish and relevant issues in contemporary Hispanic linguistics.  Thus,
course readings and activities will also include discussions of research in
language acquisition, sociolinguistics and historical linguistics in order
to apply the theoretical constructs studied.  Some of the topics included
will be classroom acquisition of Spanish, natural language acquisition of
Spanish, language variation, language change and the linguistic effects of
language contact.  Students will complete four short exams, prepare a
presentation on a relevant linguistic issue and write three short papers.
Active class participation will be an essential component of this course.

S426   #4268   2:30P-3:45P   TR   BH139   Prof. Kimberly Geeslin
NOTE: Students wishing to receive credit for honors work must register for
this course under the rubric of READINGS FOR HONORS, S498, section #4275.