Spanish & Portuguese | Women and Hispanic Literature
S470 | 4271 | Impey

S470 Women and Hispanic Literature   (3 credits)                LITERATURE
P: S331 and S332

	This course will examine the representation of Hispanic women in a
series of literary works from Spain and Latin America.  The readings,
covering different genres and time periods from the Middle Ages to modern
times, will include a selection of poetry, autobiography, short stories,
essays, and two novels, written by women and men authors, such as: Florencia
Pinar, J. Rodríquez del Padrón, Santa Teresa de Jesús,
Fray Luis de León, Cervantes, Sor Juana Inés, de la Cruz,
María de Zayas, Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, Rosalía
de Castro, Juan Valera, Ana María Matute, Gabriela Mistral, Alfonsina
Storni, Isabel Allende, Rosario Castellanos, and Gabriel García
Márquez.  The readings will be supplemented with a selected number of
critical studies.

		Lectures and discussions will explore several topics of
1) Political rules and social conventions that have affected the status and
behavior of women across the centuries;
2) The influence of women in changing the political, social, ethical, and
esthetic patterns of societies, and in creating new world visions;
3) Image (portrayal and self-representation), characterization, and voice;
4) Gender-oriented narrative techniques and linguistic, stylistic codes;

	S470 will be taught in Spanish.  Students will be evaluated on the
basis of their active participation in class, an oral presentation, two
short essays, and a take-home exam.

S470    #4271   1:00P-2:15P    TR    BH144     Prof. Olga Impey