S554 | 4280 | Bieder

Professor Maryellen Bieder
MW 1:00 - 2:15pm/section #4280/3cr./Ballantine Hall 011

An introduction to the realist and naturalist novel in Spain in the
last third of the 19th century.  The course surveys the major authors
of the period from the early costumbrista realism of Cecilia Böhl
de Faber through the novels of Pérez Galdós, Pardo
Bazán and Alas, and includes a novel by the inaugurator of
naturalism, Emile Zola.  The concepts of realism and naturalism will
be examined both in their historical context and in light of current
critical theories of representation and referentiality.  We will pay
special attention to the current interest in popular culture and the
use of cultural theory in recent critical studies of the period. The
course concludes with a brief overview of the projection of the
realist and naturalist modes into the twentieth century, including a
transitional novel by Blasco Ibáñez.

The class is taught in Spanish with introductory lectures that
establish the framework for the period and the discussion of each
novel.  Close reading and class discussion of each work constitute the
core of this course.  Familiarity with the basic bibliography on each
author is expected.

One short textual analysis (4-5 pages, in Spanish; typed)
One short analysis of a critical article from the bibliography
(2 pages, Spanish or English; typed)
One longer analytical paper (10-12 pages, in Spanish; typed)
Topic to be chosen by a designated date in consultation with the
Must include footnotes and brief bibliography documenting research for
Final Examination on designated exam date.

Basic bibliographic materials will be heldd on reserve in the Library.
Students are expected to consult this material and to locate more
recent articles on their own.  Familiarity with MLA Bibliography on
CD-ROM is expected.

Cecilia Böhl de Faber.  "La corruptora y la buena maestra"
Benito Pérez Galdós.  Doña Perfecta (1876).
Emile Zola.  Nana (1879).  (French recommended; English translation
Galdós.  La desheredada (1881).  Alianza
Leopoldo Alas.  La Regenta (1885).  Clásicos Castalia, 2 vols.
Emilia Pardo Bazán.  Los pazos de Ulloa (1886).
Clásicos Castalia
Galdós.  Misericordia (1897).  Cátedra
Vicente Blasco Ibáñez.  La barraca (1898).  Austral