Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Self-Defense (1 cr)
E151 | 6668-6671 | Staff

Two 50 minute periods per week

Instruction in techniques for practical self-defense situations.   Basic
skills such as blocking, kicking, striking, throwing and body movement are
taught.  A special focus on rape and rape awareness.

A.  To provide knowledge, an understanding, and an appreciation of the

psychological, physical, and philosophical requirements of self-defense.
B.  To help develop a degree of proficiency that will enable the students to

successfully defend themselves.
C.  To provide an opportunity to develop mental abilities by requiring the

exercise of the powers of judgment, discipline, reasoning, imagination,
and thoughtful deliberation.
D.  To develop in each individual a positive attitude toward self-defense.
E.  To provide an awareness of the many factors which contribute to self-

defense, along with a sense of responsibility for one's self, as well
as others.

Your grade in this class will be determined as follows:
1. Two skills exams   (70%)
2. One written exam  (30%)

Students are allowed a maximum of three (3) absences.  Upon a fourth
absence the student has three (3) options:
1)  receive a grade of F;
2)  officially withdraw from the course;
3)  follow an appeal procedure through your instructor and/or the Elective

Program Coordinator.

Each student is required to have a martial arts uniform.  No shoes will be
worn during class time.  Women should wear a T-shirt under their uniform
jacket.   You should have your uniform by the start of the third week of

"No More Fear", by Stephen M. Thompson