Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Human Development II
F347 | 6372 | Deborah Fravel

This course covers human development during a time of life which is
sometimes called the school years, or middle childhood (about 7 to 11
years of age), through adolescence (about 12 to 19 years). This
roughly corresponds to the years of a young person’s public school
education. This is a dynamic time of development, when many physical,
cognitive, psychological, and social processes are at work.  This
course embraces both knowledge based on scientific discovery, as well
as the personal insights and experiences of students in the class.
Because students and instructors are also human beings, our
perspectives on development are filtered through our biases. We will
spend some time identifying our biases by viewing our beliefs through
the lens of various theories, paying special attention to the way
research supports, questions, or contradicts our perspectives and the
“folk wisdom” that exists in contemporary society about human
development. Major goals of this course are (1) to master selected
portions of the body of knowledge concerning human development; and
(2) to improve critical thinking skills. The course will include
active learning experiences, discussion, and integrative lectures
provided by the instructor and guest speakers.