Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Family Life Education
F453 | 6380 | Deborah Fravel

The purpose of this course is to learn about family life education:
what it is, what it includes, some ways it occurs.  This course takes
an ecosystemic approach, which means that our work views developing
people and families in multiple, interacting contexts. The course also
emphasizes the lifelong nature of family life, and integrates relevant
content from conception to old age and death. It also addresses values
and ethics. The course will cover processes involved in practicing
family life education, and students will learn to develop a rationale
for, plan, conduct, and evaluate family life education lessons and
programs.  The course will cover education for major issues associated
with family life, as identified by family science professionals.
Students will develop a written personal philosophy of education. In
this course students will be called on to address the tension between
the scientific and the personal, so the development of critical
thinking skills is a course goal that exists alongside mastery of
course content. Students will also have opportunities to develop
skills for evaluating the views and “folk wisdom” that exist in
contemporary society concerning families and family life education.