Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Health and Physical Fitness Assessment (3 cr)
K561 | 6517 | Wallace

CLASS MEETS:  One 2 1/2 hour period two times per week

Required Text:  "Guidelines For Exercise Testing and Prescription (4th ed.),
ACSM."  A bound volume of required readings will also be provided (at cost).
Each student is required to secure his/her own stethoscope.  The opportunity
to purchase a good quality stethoscope, at group rates, will be provided in
the first week of class.

This course deals primarily with laboratory skills, covering the various
techniques utilized in contemporary health and fitness assessment programs.
It is assumed that students taking this class will have previously acquired
a basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology as well
as an understanding of the normal responses and adaptations to acute and
chronic exercise.  There will be extensive readings and reference work in
conjunction with the lectures and laboratory assignments.  Most of these
readings will be placed on reserve in the HPER library, or included in the
collection of readings made available to class members.  Students are
encouraged to discover and utilize additional relevant information.

Students who complete the course successfully will be able to:
1) accurately demonstrate all required testing skills and procedures, and
2) explain the physical and physiological principles on which they are

GRADES:  Will be determined according to the following scheme:

Midterm                25%
Final Exam             35%
Practical Exam       15%
Lab Reports           25%