Health, Physical Education And Recreation | ISSUES IN DIETETICS
N441 | 6403 | Dr. Alice K. Lindeman, R.D.

Office Hours: Monday 9:00-11:30m.	Tuesday: 2:30 - 4:00
	Appointments are made by stopping by the Department of Applied
Health Science (116 HPER) or calling 855-3627. The secretary will then
schedule your appointment.  Do not call me directly; this should be
done through the secretary.  I don't keep my appointment book, she
does.  If you have a quick question or two and prefer to not come in,
we can talk before or after class, or you can just call during office

Required Readings:
	Assigned readings will be on reserve in the HPER library or
will be distributed in class.  Please make copies of these readings
and be ready to discuss the material for the class in which it is
scheduled.  You'll be alerted of when there will be assigned readings.

1.	Develop a clear understanding of the issues facing dietitians
today, e.g., AIDS, feeding the terminally ill, health care reform,
alternative medicine, financial management, media.

2.	Discriminate fact from speculation in critical issues.
Objectively evaluate and discuss both sides of the issues through
panel discussions and role playing.

3.	Practice skills necessary to obtain and disseminate nutrition

Course Requirements:
1.	Students are expected to attend class on time and be willing
to participate.  Preparation is essential for this fast-paced class.
This is a seminar course.  All students must participate equally.  If
you choose not to actively participate, your grade will reflect this
decision.  Although attendance is not mandatory, absence will be noted
in the level to which you participated in class.

2.	Projects and Homework.  Throughout the semester there will be
projects and homework assignments that will be completed individually
or in groups.  Activities include:

	  Writing a Nutrition Nugget.  You will be assigned to write a
60-second nutrition message for the lay public.  A writer and
announcer for WFIU will guide you through this process.  First draft
due October 23.  Final draft (you keep 2 copies) due Nov 13.  When you
hand in the final draft, you'll also hand in the original that I
marked and handed to you.  Nuggets will be read on Nov 20.  You won't
read it, a classmate will.  So bring a copy for her/him to read in

	  Follow health care issues for both the nation and the state.
Each of you will be assigned one week in which you are to scan daily
the Washington Post and the Indianapolis Star.  Via the Washington
Post you'll look at national issues associated with health care.  Via
the Indianapolis Star you'll address issues at the State level.  You
will objectively summarize the week's activities.  You will also
provide your opinion (clearly noted.)  This summary will be sent via
e-mail to your classmates and to me.  On the last day of class, we'll
all bring our e-mails with us and discuss what happened over the past
few months. The best way to access these papers is via the internet.

	Washington Post:
	Then choose Nation and Health areas.  Within these locations,
look at national issues.
	Also review the editorials and special reports; there may be a
commentary regarding politics.

	Indianapolis Star:
	Then choose City/State and Politics.  Within these areas look
for state issues.
	You will follow the issues for your assigned week, Sunday
through Saturday.  By the end of Sunday, you'll send an e-mail to me
that I shall then distribute to the class on Monday morning.  Before
class starts, come to class a few minutes early and write on the board
a few choice issues that you followed.  For the first few minutes of
class, we'll discuss your issues.

	  Alternative or complementary approach to health.   In teams
you'll research key areas about alternative health approaches.  You'll
write a one-page synopsis of the health care approach along with 2
in-print and 2 on-line excellent references.  Consider your audience
one that knows very little about your chosen method of alternative
health.  What would you want them to know about it before they went
out to learn more.  Your synopsis will be copied and distributed to
your classmates.  An excellent source is the following website: This website is the home of the CAM,
the National Center for Alternative and Complementary Medicine.  It is
part of NIH.  Within this website is the Complementary and Alternative
Citation Index to help you search for articles.  Also in the HPER
library is a journal on Alternative Medicine.  The areas from which
you may choose include:
		Acupuncture				Homeopathy
		Meditation				Naturopathy
		Chiropractic Medicine		Massage Therapy
		Aromatherapy			Magnetic Therapy
		Qigong				Light Therapy
		Yoga					Acupressure
		Oriental Medicine

	Start early.  I also have an excellent book to help in case
you get stuck.  They'll all be due at one time and then handed back
for changes.  Toward the end of the semester we'll hold a forum on the
subjects.  First draft is due October 9.  Final version due Nov 6.

	  Write a food label for a product from Bloomington Bagel
Company.  One day in class we'll practice with a new software program
available through the HPER computer network.  You'll be provided the
ingredients, and then you'll create the label.  These completed labels
will be due October 30.

Grading: Class preparation/participation/attendance	20%
	Writing a PSA:					20%	
	Health care issues				20%
	Bloomington Bagel Company  project:		20%
	Alternative approach to health			20%

Course Evaluation: It is the policy of the School of HPER to evaluate
all courses taught through 	the School.  Final student course
evaluations will be conducted in a manner that maintains the integrity
of the process and the anonymity of evaluators.

Academic Integrity: Academic and personal misconduct by students in
this class are defined 	and dealt with according to the procedures in

August 28	Introduction
Sept 4		Assertiveness/Marketing self			
Sept 11		Nutrition and Alternative Medicine			
Sept 18		Working with Eating Disorders	
Sept 25		Dietetic Internship Application process
Oct 2		Bloomington Bagel Company: Nutrition analysis: Meet in
HPER 154.
Oct 9		Media: Writing a nutrition nugget: Don Glass, WFIU	
Oct 16		Your choice for a topic
Oct 23 		Nutrition in Business/Private practice
Oct 30		Nutrition in Business/Private practice
Nov 6	 	Limited income
Nov 13		Ethics in Dietetics
Nov 20		Reading your nutrition nuggets
Nov 27		Referendum on Alternatives in Health Care
Dec 4		Health Care Issues Referendum