Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Introduction to Sport Management (3 cr)
P211 | 6423 | Sailes

One seventy five minute period two times per week

This course is restricted to freshmen and sophomores.  Juniors, seniors and
graduate students will require permission from the instructor to register.

It is the objective of this course to introduce the student to the different
managerial and administrative components of the sport industry.  Class
discussions will focus on assisting the student in establishing a conceptual
understanding of and developing the skills necessary to function as a
professional manger in the sports market place.  In addition, the student
will be exposed to the different sports career opportunities, the
requirements for entrance into the various
employment areas and the trends in the industry.  This course seeks to
provide the student with an initial professional experience which will be
beneficial after graduation.

Developing a Lifelong Contract in the Sports Marketplace, by Greg J.
Cylkowski.  Reader, available at Mr. Copy at 10th and Dunn Streets.

	Introduction & Course Overview
	The Sports Marketing Major (Chapter 19)
	Planning a Career in Sport Management (Chapter 1)
	Defining Success, Time Management, Networking & Professionalism
	(Chapters 2, 20, 21, 22)
	Writing an Effective Cover Letter & Resume (Chapter 13)
	Job Acquisition Strategies: Increasing Your Marketability (Chapters
3, 4, 20, 21, 22)
	Guest Speaker, Mr. Steve Birdine, Cultural Diversity
	Diversity in the Workplace (Video; Chapter 5), Review for Exam I
	Midterm Examination I
	Understanding the Management Process
	Leadership & Personality
	Decision Making
	Open discussion, Review for Midterm Exam II
	Midterm Examination II
	Sports Marketing (video)
	Goal Setting
	Time Management
	Managing Change
	Stress Management
	Course Overview, Review for Final Exam/Portfolio Due
	Final Examination

The final grade will be based on the following:
	a.	Three exams (100 points each) and Class Portfolio
Assignment! (100 pts)
		b.	Your final raw score will be divided by four with
the average final grade being as follows:
				90-100	=	A
			80-89		=	B
			70-79		=	C
			60-69		=	D	
			  0-59		=	F

This class is intended to provide you with the professional experience and
contacts to land a job upon graduation.  Quite frankly, many of my students
who are currently employed made their initial contacts with their employers
through this class.  Get serious about your career.  Remember the quote, "If
it is to be, it is up to me!"  Don't let the competition get an advantage
over you.  If you are serious about starting your career after college, I
suggest you attend class.  It all begins here!!!