Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Basic Physiology of Exercise (3 cr)
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PREREQUISITES: PHSL 215 or equivalent

One 50 minute period two times per week, plus one weekly laboratory session
one hour and fifty-five minutes.
A survey of human physiology parameters as related to physical exercise and
work, and the development of physiological fitness factors.  Physiological
foundations will be discussed.

McArdle, W., Katch, F., & V. Katch, Exercise Physiology (4th ed.) Williams &
Wilkins, 1996

Laboratory - 33 percent of final course grade;  Lecture - 66 percent of
final course
grade.  There will be three exams prior to the final exam, and each will
count 22
percent of the lecture grade.  The final exam will count 44 percent of the
lecture grade and will be a comprehensive examination.

No grade of incomplete will be granted in this course except in unusual
circumstances.  A grade of incomplete is not a vehicle to prevent one from
receiving a grade lower than one would like to receive.  Extra assignments
will not
be given to substitute for previous grade(s).

Course Progression from McArdle, Katch & Katch:

Introduction to course and brief history of exercise physiology

Pulmonary structure and function
Dynamics of pulmonary ventilation
Gas exchange & transport
The cardiovascular system
Functional capacity of the cardiovascular system
Energy value of food
Energy transfer in the body
Energy transfer in exercise
Measurement of human energy expenditure
Skeletal muscle, structure and function
Training for anaerobic and aerobic power
Muscle strength training
Exercise and thermal stress
Obesity and weight control
Physical activity, health, and aging