Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Legal Issues in Sport Settings (3 cr)
P411 | 6471 | Plummer

Meets one 2 hour and 30 minute period one time per week.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the legal principles
involved in
sport settings.  First, the topic of tort liability, including intentional
tort, negligence,
and product liability will be explored in depth.  The development of a risk
management plan will be given great attention. Constitutional law issues
will be
discussed at length, particularly as they relate to athletic eligibility,
athletes' rights,
sex discrimination in sport and drug testing.  Finally, the topic of
contracts in sport
will be discussed.

1.  Students will demonstrate comprehension of the general principles of law

as they relate to sport settings.
2.  Students will develop the ability to analyze legal cases.
3.  Students will demonstrate the ability to apply legal principles to

specific problems found in sport settings.

TEXTBOOK:  Essentials of Amateur Sports Law, by Glenn M. Wong.
Supplemental readings from Copy Corner, IMU.