Health, Physical Education And Recreation | Professional Seminar in Physical Education
P414 | 6472 | Cothran

Meets for one sixty minute period 5 times per week.  Meets First Six Weeks

The seminar focuses on a reflective approach to teaching physical education.
Course topics include personal philosophies and their impact on the teaching
learning - process, curricular structures, and assessment.  Additionally,
the course will cover job placement strategies, portfolios, and topics
identified by students.  At the completion of this course, students will be
able to: a) Demonstrate their professional competence via development of
their personal teaching portfolio, b) Describe a variety of curriculum
models and discuss the appropriate use of each, d) identify and describe
effective student motivation strategies, e) Analyze current problems and
issues in physical education.

	Current Issues Discussion			10
	Daily Assignments				10
	Curriculum Project				20
	Portfolio					40
	Participation					20
	TOTAL				   100 pts