History And Philosophy Of Science | Survey of the Philosophy of Science: The Legacy of Logical Positivism
X551 | 2993 | Lloyd

This course provides an advanced introduction to central issues within
contemporary philosophy of science:

1.  What is cognitive aim of scientific inquiry?  (Samples of the
realism-instrumentalism debate from DUHEM, VAN FRAASSEN, FINE)

2.  What is the nature of scientfic explanation? (Models proposed by

3.  How can the degree of confirmatin or the strength of evidential
support be measeured?  (CARNAPIAN & BAYESIAN approaches; POPPER'S
skeptical critique of inductivism)

4.  What methodology promotes the progress of science?  Views of
POPPER, KUHN, LAKATOS, LAUDAN, LONGINO; ideas for the normative
sociology of science

Readings will be compiled into a course Reader.  Grades will be based
on short essays, exams and class participation.

Time and Day:  2:00p.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Tuesday
Place:  Goodbody Hall 107