History And Philosophy Of Science | History of Psychotherapy
X642 | 2996 | Capshew

The seminar will explore the history of psychotherapy beginning with
pre-modern origins in Western and Eastern cultures, and focusing on
20th century America.  We will examine the historiography of
psychotherapy and the extent to which there is a canonical history.
Other questions we will pursue include: what does a history of
psychotherapy intersect with histories of medicine, science, and
technology; what are the social and intellectual influences on
psychotherapy in 20th century America?

Each week the seminar will take up one or more items for critical
analysis. Each participant will be expected to contribute to the
general discussion, and perhaps present special reports on additional
readings as well.  Written assignments include a biographical sketch
(2-3 pages), one book review (2-3 pages), and a short research paper
or historiographical essay (10-20 pages).  There will be no
examinations; enrollment is limited.
Tentative reading list
Caplan, E. (1998).  Mind games: American Culture and the birth of
Frank, J., & Frank, J. (1991). Persuasion and healing:  A comparative
study of psychotherapy (3rd ed).
Freedheim, D. (Ed.) (1992). History of psychotherapy:  A century of
Freud,S. (1962). On the history of the psycho-analytic movement.  In
J. Strachey (Ed.), The standard edition of the complete psychological
works of Sigmund Freud (Vol. 14, pp.7-71).
Gellner, E. (1996).  The psychoanalytic movement:  The cunning of
Jackson, S. (1999). Care of the psyche:  A history of Psychological
Shakow, D., & Rapaport, D. (1964). The influence of Freud on American
Woolfolk,R. (1998).  Psychotherapy as a social institution of the
modern era.  In R. Woolfolk, The cure of souls: Science,values,and
psychotherapy (pp.9-32).

Time and Day:  9:30a.m. - 12:30p.m.    Monday
Place: Education 1204