School of Informatics | Basic Tools of Informatics I--Programming Concepts
I110 | 6947 | Haynes

I110 Basic Tools of Informatics I -- Programming Concepts (1.5 cr.)
P:  CSCI A110, CSCI A111, or equivalent computing experience.
Introduction to programming for users of computer systems.  Emphasis
on problem solving techniques.  Lecture and laboratory.  An eight-week
course.  Cross listed with CSCI A112.  Credit given for only one of
INFO I110 and CSCI A112.

By successfully completing this course, you will be able to identify
and use good programming design techniques and write fairly
sophisticated Java applications and applets.  In addition, you will
show increased skills in the following areas:  Problem solving, using
and IDE (Integrated Development Environment), applying software
engineering techniques to the design and coding of your programming
projects, and embedding appliets and/or simple applications in your
web pages.  In addition, you will be exposed to a gamut of good
programming practices, ranging from creating sophisticated pseudo-code
or diagrammatic designs for your programs to commenting liberally as
you code.