School of Informatics | Basic Tools of Informatics II--Introduction to Databases
I111 | 6951 | German

I111 Basic Tools of Informatics II -- Introduction to Databases (1.5
cr.) P:  CSCI A110, CSCI A111, or equivalent computing experience.
Introduction to database design concepts.  Entering and modifying
data, accessing data using visual tools and SQL, building database
applications using forms and application development tools. Emphasis
on problem-solving techniques. Lecture and laboratory. An eight-week
course.  Cross listed with CSCI A114 Introduction to Databases.
Credit given for only one of INFO I111 and CSCI A114.

Anyone who is presently dealing with or intends to deal with data in a
structured form that needs to be organized, stored and retrieved
according to special criteria, should consider the use of databases.
In A114, we introduce databases using a problem-solving approach so
that concepts learned here can be used with any database system.  Even
if you may never be directly involved in designing a database
application, your daily computing may already be affected by database
use, such as banking systems, reservation systems, libraries and so
on.  Knowing about the design of databases will give you the ability
to intelligently use these systems as well.