India Studies | Passage to India: Emperors, Gurus & Gods
I300 | 3006 | Larson

I300   Passage to India: Emperors, Gurus & Gods (Larson) Culture Studies
Credit  (3 Cr.) TR 11:15-12:30 TV 245

Multi-media introduction to the cultures and civilizations of India.  The
course surveys the various religions of India (Hindu, Buddhist, Jain,
Islamic and Sikh) as well as the major historical periods.  Attention is
also given to the art, music, philosophy, drama and literature of India,
both ancient and modern.  Format for the course will include
lecture/discussions, films, videos, slides and audio tapes.  Requirements
for the course include two mid-term quizzes, a creative essay and a
take-home final exam.  Readings include Stanley Wolpert's A New History of
India, and Gerald. J. Larson's India's Agony Over Religion.  This is the
basic core course for the India Studies Program.