Mathematics | Calculus III
M311 | 3315 | Brothers

M311 covers analytic geometry of 3-dimensional space, functions of
several variables, partial differentiation, multiple integration, and
applications.  This course is required for all undergraduate degrees
in mathematics and is optional for the mathematics minor.  The
prerequisite is M212 or M213; however, excellent preparation in M211
may be sufficient with the consent of the instructor.

The text is Calculus Fourth Edition by James Stewart. A Student Solutions Manual is also available. M311 covers Chapters 11 through 14. Lectures are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There is a recitation class each Thursday. Exams and quizzes will be given in the recitation. Each Tuesday there will be an optional computer lab using the computer algebra system Maple. Previous knowledge of Maple is not essential.

Grades will be based on two midterm exams, a final exam, quizzes, homework, and lab assignments.

For more information please contact Professor Brothers in the Mathematics Department. Telephone: 855-6847, email: