Near Eastern Languages & Cultures | Advanced Arabic I
A300 | 3399 | Al-Ani

Course Meets: 4:00 - 5:15 MWF SYO013

This course has two fundamental objectives.  The first is to continue the students' development of the four
skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing Modern Standard Arabic.  The second is to provide a
thorough study of authentic materials in classical prose to create a foundation for the mastery of classical
Arabic.  The course will also involve more extended readings and discussions of contemporary and
historical cultural types.  In addition to a review of syntax and morphology, the course intends to increase
the range and accuracy of oral and written expression and aural comprehension.  Classes will be conducted
entirely in Arabic (except for the grammatical explanations when needed).

Required and Recommended texts: Brustad, K., al-Batal, M., and al-Tonsi, A.: Al-Kitab fii Tacallum al-
Arabiyya, Part II
Al-Warraki, N. and Hassanein, A.. The Connectors in Modern Standard Arabic
Cowan, David. Modern Literary Arabic
Wehr, Hans. A Dictionary of Modern Standard Arabic, ed. Milton Cowan (any edition)
Cachia, P.. A Dictionary of Arabic Grammatical Terms, Arabic-English/English-Arabic.