Near Eastern Languages & Cultures | Persian Mystical Literature
N685 | 3393 | Losensky

Course Meets: 9:30 - 10:45am  TR  WY 205
This course examines the Persian literature of Islamic mysticism in English translation.  Following an
introduction to the history and doctrines of Sufism, the class will turn to detailed readings and
discussions of works in several prose and poetic genres: hagiographic biography, allegorical epic,
mystical lyric, and gnostic meditation.

Grading based on: Class participation and short oral presentation (two for grads); mid-term and final exams
(short answers and essays); one paper (5-10 pages; assigned topics.)

Reading list includes these book titles:  Mystical Dimensions of Islam; The Kashf al-mahjub: the Oldest
Persian Treatise on Sufism; Studies in Islamic Mysticism; Muslim Saints and Mystics: Episodes from
Tadhkirat al-Auliya'; The Conference of the Birds; Teachings of Rumi:The Masnavi; Mystical Poems of
Rumi; Divine Flashes; The Mystical and Visionary Treatises of Shihabuddin Yahya Suhrawardi;
Sawanih: Inspirations from the World of Pure Spirits.