Philosophy | Thinking and Reasoning
P105 | 3472 | Jain

How can we reason more clearly?  How can we detect the strengths and weaknesses in
the reasoning of ourselves and others?  How can we tell whether or not we are persuaded
by good reasoning or by mere prejudice?  What is it that distinguishes good reasoning
from bad reasoning?

In this class we will use the tools of informal logic to respond to these questions.
Students will learn techniques for recognizing, analyzing and evaluating pieces of
reasoning.  Main topics covered will be the basic rules of correct reasoning, techniques
for testing beliefs for truth and arguments for validity, and fallacy recognition.  This is an
excellent class for anyone who wants to go into law, business, medicine or academia.

Assessment for this class will be based on frequent homework, group assignments and
regular quizzes.  The required text for the class will be a course packet available at
Collegiate Copies and other bookstores.