Philosophy | 19th Century Philosophy
P304 | 3501 | Eisenberg

Topic: Hegel, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche

This course will be devoted to a presentation, comparison, and attempted assessment of
three of the most influential philosophies developed in the nineteenth century,
philosophies which continue to exert an enormous influence both on philosophers and on
non-philosophers at the present time: the absolute idealism of Hegel, the theistic
existentialism of Kierkegaard, and the atheistic existentialism of Nietzsche.  Assigned
readings for the course will be exclusively from the works of those philosophers
themselves.  Selections from various works of each of those philosophers will be read
and a variety of issues discussed.  The works from which selections will be read include
Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, and Philosophy of Right, Kierkegaard's Concluding
Unscientific Postscript and The Sickness unto Death, and Nietzsche's Thus Spoke
Zarathustra.  Topics to be discussed include: the nature of human progress, the so-called
death of God, the individual vs. Society, reason vs. Faith.

There will be a mid-semester and a final exam.  Students will also be expected to write a
short (five-page) paper around mid-semester, and a longer paper (approximately fifteen
pages) will be due at the end of the semester.

Prerequisite: 3 hours of philosophy