Philosophy | Topics in the Theory of Knowledge
P312 | 3502 | Gupta

Topics: Empiricism, Experience, and Knowledge

We shall study in this course some classical and contemporary varieties of empiricism.
Empiricism views all of our knowledge as resting upon, and as justified by, experience.
Different empiricist theories give, however, rather different accounts of experience and of
the relationship between experience and knowledge.  We shall look at several such
accounts.  We shall study in detail the "immaterialism" of George Berkeley and the
Naturalized epistemology of W.V. Quine.  I expect that we will read essays by some (or
all) of the following: George Berkeley, W.V. Quine, A.J. Ayer, Roderick Chisholm,
Donald Davidson, Roderick Firth, C.I. Lewis, Bertrand Russell, Wilfrid Sellars, and
Ernest Sosa.