Philosophy | Topics in the History of Modern Philosophy
P522 | 9473 | Beiser

Topic: Kant: Critique of Pure Reason

This course will be a survey of all the main sections of the Critique of
Pure Reason - the Aesthetic, Analytic and Dialectic.  More specifically,
we will examine Kant's theories of space and time, his transcendental
deduction of the categories, the schematism, refutation of idealism,
paralogisms, antinomies, and the meta-critical or methodological problem.
The guiding theme of the course will be the nature of Kant's
transcendental idealism, how it differs from other forms of idealism, and
whether it is tenable.

We will be using the new translation by Paul Guyer and Allen Wood,
Cambridge University Press and the Hackett edition of the Prolegomena to
Any Future Metaphysics.

The main requirements of the course will be four short papers, discussing
problems of interpretation of the text, and class participation.  The
format will be discussion more than lecture.  I will set up the context
and the problem; you discuss the solution.

No secondary literature is required, though much will be recommended.  The
main task will be to read the text directly and to get to know it for