Philosophy | Philosophy of Mind
P561 | 3516 | Senchuk

Topic: Metaphysical Perspectives on Descartes

Notwithstanding his substantival mind-body distinction, Descartes is often seen as responsible for
an epistemological turn of philosophy.  Special attention to his early work, the Regulae, will
afford the basis for a more thorough-going metaphysical analysis and assessment of Descartes'
philosophy and the arguments he deploys in support of it.  The assessment will involve a
consideration of a range of philosophers (including Elizabeth of Bohemia, Peirce, Wittgenstein,
Kripke, and other contemporary philosophers) and a range of topics (identity, supervenience, etc.)
centering on the nature of the mind and on the mind-body problem.  Although not History of
Philosophy as such, this course (in M&E) should provide a working familiarity with the central
metaphysical features of the of the philosophy of our proverbial "Father of Modern Philosophy."