Physics | General Physics 2
P202 | 3578-3579 | Nann-Serot

General Course Description:

P202 is the second semester of a 2-semester sequence of General
Physics. The topics covered in this course are determined to a
large extend by outside constraints such as MCAT. They are:
Electric forces and electric fields, Electric energy and
capacitance, Current and resistance, Direct current circuits,
Magnetism, Induced voltages and inductance, Alternating current
circuits and electromagnetic waves, Reflection and refraction of
light, Mirrors and lenses, Wave optics, Optical instruments, Quantum
physics, Atomic physics, Nuclear physics, Nuclear energy and
elementary particles.


College Physics (5th edition), volume 2, by Serway and Faughn,
Saunders College Publishing.

Discussion Sections:

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You should be registered in one of the P202 laboratory sections.