Political Science | Ethnic Politics in American Cities
Y200 | 9710 | Alex-Assensoh

	Second Eight-Week Session
	The unprecedented growth in the populations of Latinos and Asians in
the United States constitutes one of the most dramatic racial/ethnic shifts
in American political history.  According to the most recent demographic
evidence, the number of Hispanics and Asians is increasing at a faster rate
than that of African-Americans, presently considered to make up the largest
single American minority group. Clearly, the traditional black-white
framework of white injustice no longer appropriately characterizes American
racial politics. Yet, much of what we know about race in America is still
framed in the black-white paradigm. This eight-week course is an effort to
move beyond a narrow interpretation of race in America to understand how the
increasingly multiracial context is changing the face of American politics.
Specifically, the course will focus on issues of partisanship, gender,
racial consciousness, inter-ethnic conflict and efforts by various
minorities to participate in mainstream American politics.  Course
requirements include two examinations, a short analysis paper and a group