Political Science | Elections Around the World
Y210 | 3684 | Monroe

This course is an examination of elections in a comparative context, looking
particularly at electoral systems and representation.  We will examine the
role that elections play in democracies old and new, the connections between
electoral systems, party systems, and political outcomes, and the different
forms of political representation that elections enable.  We will use online
sources to follow elections that are occurring concurrently with the class.
Current election schedules indicate that parliamentary / legislative
elections should be held during the fall 2000 semester in Romania, Bosnia,
Tanzania, Lithuania, Japan, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Thailand, Slovenia, Grenada,
Ghana, and the United States, presidential elections in Romania, Bosnia,
Côte d'Ivoire, Tanzania, Poland, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Ghana, and the United
States.  Of course, many other countries may schedule elections for that
semester as well.  Texts will likely include "Comparing Electoral Systems"
by David Farrell and "Electoral Systems and Party Systems" by Arend
	Assignments will include conventional written assignments and web
publishing.  Students will develop websites describing and analyzing
elections in selected countries.  These projects will very likely involve
working in small groups.  The course meets each week for a two-hour seminar
session and a one-hour computer lab.  The computer session will be used to
develop skills in web publishing, data entry and analysis, and computerized