Political Science | West European Politics
Y335 | 3693 | Rohrschneider

This section meets with WEUR W301
	This is an introductory course to West European politics.  It is
designed to introduce you to a variety of different aspects of European
political culture, political parties, interest groups, political
institutions.  European integration, and new social movements.  The goals of
this course are threefold.  First, you should learn in some detail about
three countries which we will focus on: France, Germany, and Great Britain.
Secondly, you should learn to evaluate some important theories about
politics.  And last, you should learn to think rigorously and comparatively
about politics.  Comparative thinking is an extremely useful analytical tool
and we will frequently employ this method in the course to demonstrate its
	The required readings are drawn from four books which cover the
three countries.  The reading load averages about 100 pages a week.  Course
requirements include a midterm exam, a final exam, and a term paper.  Exams
typically consist of a combination of several identifications and a longer
essay question.