Political Science | International Relations: Approaches & Issues (3 cr)
Y569 | 3716 | Thompson

This course operates as an introductory survey of the theoretical literature
on international politics.  Reading will be extensive, if not always
intensive.  The operative philosophy is that minimal exposure to the many
subfields is better than no exposure at all.  Structurally, the course will
attempt to encompass historical developments in the field, major
epistemological assumptions, and levels of analysis (systemic,
international, national, subnational, individual).  Given the nature of the
field, there is some definite bias toward the subject of conflict.  Ideally,
students will have had some background in at least some of the subfields but
the course will not assume any IR background.  Some brief essays will be
assigned from time to time and a take-home final essay requiring the student
to synthesize all or most of the reading will serve as the evaluation
component of the course.