Political Science | Res Methods in Political Science (1 cr)
Y580 | 3719 | Faculty

This course aims to help students to begin consideration of their
dissertations before completing their preliminary examinations.  The course
is relevant to those students who hope to receive funding for their
dissertation research, since application deadlines rarely correspond to IU's
examination schedule. The course is also relevant to those students who do
not wish to lose several months of productive research time following their
examinations.  In short, the course is relevant to all PhD candidates in all
fields of inquiry.
Those enrolled in Y580 will have the opportunity to present their
dissertation ideas - their theory, hypotheses, research design, data, and
method of inquiry - to their classmates on at least one occasion.  The
instructor and class participants will be expected to offer comments and
criticisms about the project.  The idea is to begin a constructive dialogue
about each person's research and lay the groundwork for the composition of a
final dissertation proposal.