Political Science | RDGS & Res in Minority Pol Participation (3 cr)
Y661 | 3723 | Alex-Assensoh

Native Americans as well as Americans of Asian, African and Hispanic descent
were already in the United States decades before the arrival of many
European immigrant groups.  Yet, political scientists know very little about
the political behavior of these minority groups vis-a-vis white Americans.
This situation has caused many interesting research puzzles to remain
unaddressed and unexamined.  Consequently, the course is to provide students
with a broad overview of the research literature on minority political
participation by sampling some of the most important works on each minority
group.  More importantly, the class is expected to assist graduate students
in developing critical analysis and research skills.  Toward that end,
participating students are expected to offer a thorough analysis of existing
research puzzles on minority political behavior and also, to identify new
ones; (2) learn to construct explanations of minority political
participation that are grounded in the unique socio-historical experiences
of each group, thereby presenting more convincing explanations than what has
hitherto existed, and (3) to explore how survey data, socio-historical data,
quantitative and qualitative research methods can be combined in the study
of minority political behavior.