Political Science | Political Philosophy: Democracy and Civil Society (3 cr)
Y675 | 3729 | Isaac

This course is the first half of a year-long seminar on democratic political
and social theory.  In the Fall semester we will cover the historical
intersections between democracy and civil society.  We will begin the course
with a brief section on democracy in ancient Greece, but the course will
focus on modern political thought.  We will read and discuss works by such
seminal thinkers as Jean-Jacques Rouseau, Benjamin Constant, Alexis de
Tocqueville, J. S. Mill, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Eduard Bernstein, V.I.
Lenin, Ma x Weber, Roberto Michels, Gyorgy Lukacs, Rosa Luxemburg, Antonio
Gramsci, John Dewey, Joseph Schumpeter, Robert Dahl, and Hannah Arendt.  In
the Spring semester we will discuss works of contemporary social and
political theory dealing with democracy and its difficulties.  We will read
and discuss works by Francis Fukuyama, Anthony Giddens, Ulrich Beck, Zygmunt
Bauman, Manuel Castells, Jurgen Habermas, Seyla Benhabib, and Jean