Psychology | Introductory Psychology 1
P101 | 3744 | C. Wellman

Description:  P101 is the first course in the Psychology Department's
introductory sequence, and provides an introduction to experimental
psychology as a natural science.  Topics covered include function and
structure of the nervous system, sensation and perception, learning
and memory, and the biological bases of motivation and emotion.  Thus,
the focus of the course is an overview of the biological bases of
Format:  Because of the large class size, the format is necessarily
restricted to lecture.  However, I encourage students to ask questions
in class, as well as discussion with students after class and during
office hours.
Tests and Grading:  Course grades are based on total points earned on
weekly in-class, short-answer quizzes and four multiple-choice tests.
Texts:  Kalat (1998).  Introduction to Psychology, 5th ed (required).
Study Guide for Introduction to Psychology, 5th ed (optional).