Psychology | Sensation and Perception
P329 | 3786 | M. Harty

This class is designed to give a basic understanding of the theories,
research methods, questions, and problems involved in the study of
sensory and perceptual mechanisms.  Throughout the course we will
emphasize the similarities between the different sensory modalities
and the biology that underlies those modalities.  We will also discuss
how discrete sensory events are combined into a perceptual construct.

Text:  Matlin and Foley, Sensation and Perception, 1997, 4th ed.,
Allyn and Bacon.

Grading:  Based upon the average of in-class exams, pop-quizzes, and
written assignments.  Class participation will be used to elevate the
grades of students who have just missed a cut-off point for a higher
letter grade.