Psychology | Cognitive Psychology
P335 | 3789 | J. Kruschke

Cognitive psychologists study how people perceive and attend to the
environment, how people learn and remember, how they comprehend and
produce language, how they reason and make decisions.  One goal of the
course is for students to discover real-life examples of these
phenomena, to emphasize the real-world relevance of laboratory
experiments and theory.  Another goal is for students to understand
thoroughly the scientific reasoning underlying laboratory
experimentation and theory.

Format:  Lectures with demonstrations and discussion.

Text:  Reed, Cognition, 5th Ed.

Papers, tests, and grades:  Four exams, including a non-cumulative
final exam.  Up to four short papers regarding real-world
applications.  Up to four homework exercises exploring particular

Availability of Instructor:  available by appointment.

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