Psychology | Lab in Developmental Psychology
P429 | 3793 | L. Smith

The class wil conduct a study on early cognition.  Students will be
trained in the ethics and practical matters of testing children, and
under the supervision of Dr. Smith and the A.I. for the course, each
student will test four children between the ages of 2 and 3 years.
This testing must take place OUTSIDE of class time in the Cognitive
Development laboratory.  Appointments will be made for students to
test children at times that fit the students schedule and that are
convenient to the parents and children participating in the study.  In
addition, students will read original literature on infant cognition,
analyze the data from the class project, and interpret the results.
This is an intensive writing course.  There will be weekly writing
assignments for the first five weeks, a draft of an APA style
write-up, and a revision of that write-up.