Religious Studies | Topics in Religious Studies: Race, Religion & Culture in the US
R202 | 2873 | Nabhan-Warren

R202 Race and Religious Identities in the US  6:00-7:15 MW WH 121
Instructor: Kristy Nabhan-Warren

	In this class we will study contemporary notions of race and how
racial discourses are reflected in religious beliefs and practices. We
will focus primarily on the 20th century and on historical precursors that
helped shape these discourses.
We will look at definitions of race--both
outsiders' and insiders' ideas--and how migration, transnationalism and
diasporas are experienced and how they define lived religion.

How race has been and is defined in the U.S. and how it informs religion
is the overarching concern of the course and we will study several groups
throughout the semester in order to give the class a comparative
dimension. We will read about groups such as Caribbean religions (Cuban
Santeria and Haitian Vodou), Black Pentecostalism, the Nation of Islam,
Mexican American Catholics and Pentecostals, Puerto Rican Spiritism, and
Italian Americans. Films will complement the readings and class
discussions. It is my hope that this class will provide a rich forum  for
explorations into racial dimensions of religion in the contemporary U.S.
There will be a midterm  and a final exam, along with a
short paper.