Religious Studies | Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
R210 | 3874 | Weitzman

R210   Introduction to the Hebrew Bible (Weitzman) Culture Studies Credit
(3 Cr.) TR 9:30-10:45 BH 208

This course has two goals.

The first is to explore a moment in human history when a radically new
conception of the universe, and of humanity vs. role within that universe,
emerged in ancient Israel. What were the origins of this new religious
orientation?  How was it different from or similar to the religions that
surrounded Israel? Did the religion of Israel change over time? And how
did it become so influential, spawning three major religions, Judaism,
Christianity and Islam?

The second goal is to introduce students to the Hebrew Bible - Old
Testament, arguably the most read text in human history but also the most
frequently misread. What is the Bible? Why, how, and where was it
composed? What did it mean in its original historical and cultural
context, and how is that meaning different from the way the Bible is read
today by millions of Christians and Jews?