Religious Studies | The Personal and the Political
R300 | 3878 | Cockerham

R300  The Personal and the Political (Cockerham) (3 Cr.)TR 1:00-2:15 SY

This course asks students to consider how challenges of our "private"
lives may be related to the political life of the surrounding community.
We will move through a life cycle, considering ethical issues of
childhood, friendship, sex, marriage, child-rearing, and aging.  At each
stage of the life cycle, we will consider both religious (particularly
Jewish and Christian) and secular ethical ideals, exploring their
relationship. We will also explore connections between "the personal and
the political" for each stage. An over-riding question is: "What is love?"
In addition to ethical texts, we will draw on a variety of sources from
popular culture, including film, fiction, and case studies from
contemporary media. Because the presidential election will occur
simultaneously,  we will pay special attention to the connection between
"the personal and the political" in the election campaigns.