Religious Studies | Origins of Christianity
R327 | 3880 | Brakke

R327	Origins of Christianity (Brakke) (3 Cr.) MW 9:05-9:55 WH 004 plus
discussion section

An introduction to the history and theology of Christianity from the
ministry of Jesus through the Council of Chalcedon in 451.  Topics include
the formation of the Bible; bishops and priests; Gnosticism; persecution
and martyrdom; Constantine and catholic orthodoxy; monasticism; the
doctrines of the Trinity and Christ's two natures; the papacy.  The
content of this course provides the foundation for the study of the
Christian tradition in all later contexts.  No prerequisites.

Requirements: three tests; short discussion papers.  Textbooks: Henry
Chadwick, The Early Church (rev. ed.), Edward Hardy, ed., Christology of
the Later Fathers, Thomas Merton, The Wisdom of the Desert, Maxwell
Staniforth and Andrew Louth, eds., Early Christian Writings, Augustine,
Confessions, R327 Reader.