Religious Studies | The Living & the Dead
R602 | 3901 | Campany

R602	The Living & the Dead (Campany) (3 Cr.) W 4:00-6:00 SY 224

This graduate research seminar has a dual topic.  On the one hand, we will
consider some of the great variety of ways in which living people in the
context of religions and cultures interact with their dead.  On the other
hand, we will ponder the possibilities for understanding and writing
meaningfully about these interactions, entailing (among other things) a
close look at the questions we have about them and where those questions

Students in the seminar will not be passive consumers of dispensed
knowledge but will actively shape the conditions of learning in the class,
including the very design of the syllabus, the choice of readings, and the
agenda of discussion.  Some collective research projects may form part of
the work of the seminar.  In addition to reading and discussing some
common works relevant to the topic, students will teach about cases
familiar to them and will produce, as the final goal of the seminar, a
research paper.