Religious Studies | Reformations
R630 | 3902 | Furey

R630 Reformations (Furey) (3 cr.)
M 4:00-6:00P SY224

This course will study how the Protestant and Catholic Reformations of
the sixteenth century splintered Western Chrsitianity into distinctive
confessional groups.  We will explore the debates between Protestants
and Catholics about salvation and religious practices, and we will
analyze the questions these debates raised about the nature of the
Church, Scripture, and religious authority.  Throughout, we will be
focusing on quetions about continuity and change by evaluating the
Protestant and Catholic views both in relation to medieval
Christianity and in contrast to one another.  How did the Reformations
alter Christianity?  In what ways should these movements be understood
as similar religious and cultural developments, and in what ways
should they be seen as diverse responses to distinctive historical