Religious Studies | Religion, Culture & Medical Ethics
R672 | 3904 | Miller

R672	Religion, Culture & Medical Ethics (Miller) (3 Cr.) T 4:00-6:00 BH

Bioethics emerged in the United States during the late 1960s as part of
our culture's growing concern for individual rights and its critique of
professional (and other) authority.  This course surveys the social
history of and leading figures in modern bioethics, persons whose ideas
have shaped both academic writing and public policy in the United States.
Along the way, we'll encounter the impressive methodological richness in
bioethics, focusing on philosophical, theological, and ethnographic
methods.  We will conclude by discussing the instructor's
manuscript-in-progress, which addresses some of the distinctive issues
posed to bioethics by the care of children.

Authors include Paul Ramsey, Richard McCormick, William F. May, James F.
Childress, Norman Daniels, Albert Jonsen, Elliot Dorff, Arthur Kleinman,
Susan Wolf, Anne Fadiman.