THTR T370 Sec. 4497 R. Herzel

History of Western Theatre and Drama I: Beginnings to Circa 1700

12:30-1:45p MW 3 cr. hrs.

This section fulfills AHLA and CSA requirements.

This course surveys Western theatre history from its origins through circa 1700. Included in this survey is the theatre history of Classical Greece, Rome, the Medieval period, Elizabethan England, the Golden Age of Spain, Italy in the Renaissance, and 17th century France. Along with studying significant plays from each of these periods, we will investigate wider historical contexts, theatre artists and innovators, production methods, theatre architecture, and dramatic theory in order to better understand both the distinctions from and connections with our own contemporary experiences of life and art. Lectures and readings in this course will be supplemented with class discussions, video viewings, iconographic evidence and individual research into selected topics.

Worthen, W.B., The Harcourt Brace Anthology of Drama, 2nd ed.
ASSIGNMENTS: (1) research project.
EXAMS: A midterm and a final.