THTR T435 Sec. 4504

Electronics for Theatre Technicians

12:20-1:10p MWF 3 cr hr

Prerequisites:T335 or consent of instructor.

In addition to the obvious objectives of providing means whereby students may use electricity safely and knowledgeably communicate with other technicians, this course attempts to provide the student with sufficient background, self-confidence and possibly inspiration, to encourage him or her to continue studies in the field and to embark upon more advanced electrical projects should the occasion arise in the course of day to day professional activity in theatre.

This course is tailored to the specific needs of the theatre technician with the primary emphasis being placed on those aspects of electrical theory and practice relating power distribution, lighting and sound control. The approach is primarily intuitive with emphasis being placed on empirical observation of working electrical circuits rather than detailed mathematical analysis. Lab sequences provide extensive hands-on experience.

TEXTS: Basic Electricity, prepared by the Bureau of Naval Personnel Readings Packet.

Problem Packet


Labs (done at home with University supplied equipment): approximately (15)


(1)Mid-term, (1) final exam. Form: short answer, fill in the blank, descrie the operation of simple electrical circuits, trouble shoot simple electrical circuits, etc. - written and practical lab portions of both exams.